Chocolate and peanuts, a marriage made in heaven

Chocolate and peanuts has long been a marriage made in heaven for me. When I was pregnant with my first child they advised you not to eat peanuts – and back then I did everything I was told. But one day, craving a Snickers bar, I made my husband stop on Highgate Hill (the details are important) to buy me one. And the joy of that bar…

The first time I was pregnant they advised me not to eat peanuts – and back then I did what I was told
Me Chocolate has launched a very more-ish salted peanut bar, £4.20. Like all Me Chocolate, it’s in one big slab and the mix of just over 40% Ecuadorian chocolate and salted peanuts is tremendous.

Zara’s Chocolate Peanut Brittle Bites, £6.50, come in delightful small tile slabs in a little box: small shards of caramel and peanut and utterly delicious.

Hotel Chocolat may launch its Peanut Pavé in a month or two. I loved this – it tasted really nostalgic with its sweet, crunchy peanut inner thickly coated in chocolate. At the moment it’s only available as part of the Inventing Room subscription box. In the meantime, try the super smooth, peanut butter batons, £7.

Miscos has made the healthy snacker’s snack of a date stuffed with peanut butter (something you can do at home, of course) into a gourmet delight by coating it with dark chocolate: Peanut Butter Stuffed Medjool Dates, £4.50. But the peanut treat I really went nuts for (sorry) Miscos Salted Peanut Brittle and Caramelised White Chocolate Pralines from £7.80 for a joyous box of six.