Inside tiny flat where bed suspended over sofa in kitchen – and it’s on sale for £140,000

A flat so minuscule that the bed floats over the sofa on a frame in the kitchen has returned to the market.

The tiny Bristol pad is now available for £140,000, but you must be happy sleeping eight-foot up in the air.

The previous owner has come up with some space-saving solutions and it seems you will need to bring a ladder with you to reach the bed.

Suspended above the sofa on a metal frame, the kitchen is close at hand if you need a snack before you head off to sleep.

Buying the property right in the heart of Bristol, Estate agents Connells say, is a “truly unique opportunity”.

The studio flat didn’t sell when it first became available to buy.

Initially on sale for £160,000 January, the owners knocked £20,000 off the asking price last month in the hope that someone fancies a ‘cosy’ home.

Connells say: “The property is perfectly positioned amongst some of Bristol’s most celebrated restaurants, bars and local attractions.

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“This property boasts a contemporary décor, with white, high-gloss kitchen units and quality integrated appliances, a well-proportioned and modern shower room, as well as an open plan and incredibly low-maintenance living space.

“A perfect starter property for a first-time buyer, a promising investment for buy-to-let purchasers, or an ideal home for professionals.”

But users on twitter were quick to mock the compact flat as they debated how exactly you are supposed to reach the bed.

One wrote: “One-hundred-and-forty thousand Great British pounds to have your bed suspended above your sofa in your kitchen.

“I didn’t think Bristol had reached London levels of madness but here we are.”

When another asked: “How does one enter the bed?” a reply came: “I imagine one uses a pogo stick.”

Others pointed out that instant access to midnight snacks makes it worth the money alone.